Thursday, July 26, 2007

Here we go!!!


The Mammals Theatre Company will be remounting their critically acclaimed production of

Adapted and Directed by Bob Fisher

Assembled from excerpts of Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde, Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground, and various short stories of Edgar Allen Poe, CLAY CONITNENT is a blood soaked pageant of diabolical villainy recounting the tale of one doctor’s desperate attempt to overcome his own demonic possession.

Often Ingenious…the Mammals do a close to flawless job handling difficult but thrilling material.
-Brian Nemtusak, The Reader

Performance dates are as follows

Friday November 9th, 2007
Saturday November 10th, 2007
Friday November 16th, 2007
Saturday November 17th, 2007

at the Peter Jones Gallery

The Mammals explore new performance works embracing the genres of science fiction, horror, and phantasmagoria, as well as utilize techniques of these three genres in application to classic texts from the western canon. While appealing to a broad section of the public, science fiction, horror, and the phantasmagorical have been able to most successfully incorporate the vast inheritance of non-naturalistic performance strategies passed down from experimental pioneers of presentation and storytelling.

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