Monday, July 23, 2007

Talking to myself

I have started and restarted and then restarted again the rewrite of Seven Sidewinders. I think today I am going to advance in the prose, jump to a real fun and juicy scene, perhaps that will be the cup of joe I need to jump back in not just with my toes, but up to my knees.

I know it is a bizarre script, unlike other things I've attempted. That jazzes me. So why the stagnation this weekend? Just exhausted in general. Brain need a break after all that Boxing. Or is it the money problems. Not big but still stuck right there like a pimple in the small of my back.

I dont know. Got to write tonight. Got to do it.
Want this is be big, wide, puppet, mask, special, fuck unlike anything ya ever saw.

I can't just fall asleep again tonight. I got to write. Why so fucking tired all the time? Is it the summer? The heat? The humidity? Is it the bright bright light. Sure it makes for great bicycle weather but I dont write on a bicycle.

You can do it, you can do it. Fuck it you can do it. Dont stop. It doesn't all have to gold, but I have to keep doing it. dont stop.

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