Friday, July 13, 2007

Why I came back to Chicago in the first place

This Sunday I will once again have the privilege of hearing actors in a room speaking words that I wrote. I feel quite blessed. The play's working title is "I Can't Go Down". It is a boxing noir for stage. It has been quite the labor of love (emphasis on labor though). I started the play approximately 3 years ago. Had a reading of various bits and pieces that it was back in July of 2005. Then a spiritual crisis and relocation took my me to Atlanta were the work stagnated. I felt that I had something powerful and human in this story, but not being able to conceive of how to mount a production in Atlanta actually stopped me from putting pen to paper and finishing the work. Then when the spiritual crisis was resolved I returned to Chicago and returned to the script.

Now, I'm feeling excitement and relief. Excitement that I have a wonderful group of extremely talented actors who are so willing to give me their time and energy to read the work aloud. Excitement at the potential realization of a vision that I have been harbouring for a little over 3 years. And, Relief that regardless of anyone else's eventual verdict of the work, I am able to finish it. I have to admit that during the past three years, there have been plenty of moments of doubt as to whether or not I would ever finish it, whether or not i had the story inside me after all, whether I had sufficient patience, discipline, or even a bit of the craft necessary to finish a two act play and feel again that sense of personal success that one gets when they hold in their hands a completed draft (even if it needs polishing).


GreyZelda said...

Congratulations, Bob!

Scene Four painted some great pictures on the brain. The writing is very strong and I'm excited to see how this play develops.


Devilvet said...

RZ -



Paul said...

I'll say it again: Congrats on the final drafting. I can't wait to see this thing on its legs.