Monday, August 13, 2007

Americana Project with the requisite amounts of sci fi, horror, and phantasmagoria

Since returning to Chicago in December, I have been attending Jen Ellison's Write CLub meetings. They are generally on the first Monday of each month. Jen gives out assignments, but you can also present any sort of material that your heart desires which is great.

At the last meeting, Joe Janes brought in a sketch he had about Pecos Bill. It was short, fun, intelligent, playful...and it got me thinking. I love tall tales. I love the mythologies of America...from the tall tale to the ballads of Americana. Joe and I emailed briefly about this, and about maybe using this sketch as a launching point for a possible future Mammals production. We get together tomorrow for some coffee and some talk.

I am open to many possible directions, but I do have an idea or two already. I am envisioning a performance with approximately 10 pieces that emphasize american folk, tall tale, gothic, etc. 10 sketches written by mutliple writers and then directed by mulitple directors. Say approximately 10 writers 5 directors.

Everything from Pecos Bill to the Tell Tale Heart, Jackalopes to the ghosts of Bierce. For me, the only requisite is that it have some connection to the fantastical and that it be undeniably American.

I look forward to brainstorming with Joe about this potential project.


Paul said...

This sounds all kinds of awesome, man. All in.

Aaron Carter said...

You should check out this group

and read their newsletter here:

I don't know if they've done anything since March, but it seems to be in line with what you're talking about.