Monday, August 27, 2007

More More Sandwich Man Thoughts

So last night, I thought to myself about where to take this Sandwich Man thing. Since I'm going to postpone Clay Continent until the month of April, I'm going to have alot more time to write. I probably will also use the Sandwich Man as the launching point for my NaNoWriMo.

Music has a history of musicians making deals with the Devil. Could that be useful in this story?

But rather than proficiency with an instrument, what if our musician (lets call him Axe Man) What if Axe-Man unwittingly makes a mephistolean bargain so that people can hear his proficiency? Axe Man makes a deal with the Devil to get rid of the Sandwich Man so that people can hear him play his music. People start convening at the lip of the bridge to listen to this music. That is why the Man in Suit is so interested in Axe-Man. Because now that people can hear him they are listening, they are stopping in their tracks and listening

What does the music do to them? Do I have to answer that? Is there a connection between

The Devil - The Man in Suit
The Devil - Sandwich Man
Sandwich Man - Axe Man

I don't know

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