Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sandwich Man Notes

Man in Suit - I want you to imagine the worse possible thing I could to you. To your body or your soul. To harm you, not just in a single moment, but in perpetuity. Now imagine me taking it one step beyond that worse possible thing. Now imagine me committing that act upon your spouse or your child?

Axe Man - What do want from me

Man in Suit - (shrugs) I just want to know...

That's the question? What does the Man in the Suit want? We all have that archetypal Man in Suit. Why does the Man in Suit need to put us in fear? Why would the Man in Suit seemingly pick an arbitrary musician to demonstrate intimidation? submission?

I want to write this Sandwich Man play but is there somewhere I can take the narrative or the premise of the archetypal Man in Suit that say Kafka or Pinter didn't already investigate?

What could our race achieve if the Men in Suits had no power? What would do with such freedom?


Devilvet said...

The Man in Suit wants you to have a spouse to have a child. The Man in Suit wants there to be people you love. Your love gives him a power of you.

The Man in Suit

Depends upon your ability to not act in vehement visceral fashion until the last possible moment.

Maybe the MIS wants to see just how far he can push the Axe Man until the Axe Man acts viscerally?

Paul said...

Bob, who cares if Pinter or Kafka has explored this theme? I wanna see what YOU pull out of it, because it's gonna be a little more countrified... and THAT'S probably gonna be worth watchin'.

Drag the theme into this century, already.

Devilvet said...

My special blend of 11 herbs and spices?

Paul said...

Indeed, ah say.

RLewis said...

"What does the Man in the Suit want?"
He wants to take the goddamn suit off!
maybe it's not the people, but the structure that compels them. they become corp' zomboids, executing the dastardly master plan, because they have kids to feed, mortgages to pay, and other niceties. Love the Sinner, Damn the System!