Saturday, September 15, 2007

Buy The Ticket Take the Ride - CC Potential Variations

Hunter S Thompson Versus Raoul Duke

Is versus the word? Must one or many sides of a man die so that the single element the single man inside the body can live?

How far can I push it?

Who am I really?

Have I always been Jekyll

Or Have I truly been hiding from myself behind the mask of Jekyll

I am really Hyde

And if I am really Hyde can I surrender control to myself?

Is truth to oneself more essential than self preservation

How many masks can I create

Is my existence a creation of mythologies to hide from myself

Myself as a skull

So many things to hyde from to distract

So many words and images to put on a tombstone

Hunter S Thompson versus Raoul Duke

How many causalites lie in the path between me and myself and me and myself

The myth lives on, the man dies slowly in service of the myth

The man must face his own myth

How far will you go? Is it worth doing in halves?

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