Friday, September 14, 2007

Clay Continent - Potential Variation 1st Chart

Hyde – Enjoys the vulgar. Has a PhD in Scatology
Hyder – Feels guilt, but is unable to stop himself
Hydest – This one is violent. He has no capacity for anything else other than violence.
Hekyll – Not evil, just extremely stupid and prone to excessive insults

Jekyllish – This one knows better, but everytime he relaxs his muscles suddenly there is version of Hyde looking back at him from the mirror. This one believes that if he relents then Hyde will win.

Jekyllfish - Invertabrate version of Jekyll. He sees Hyde eating the Jekyllfish alive a la Japanesse Sushi Bar

Hydll, Jekyde, and/or Llydell - these are manifestations of confusion. Physical mutantious manifestations of fragmented personas/psychologies.

Hermaphrodite Hyde – Above all else, likes to be touched.


Don R. Hall said...

I think there is something wrong with you.

Maybe you should see somebody about this brain rash. Jekylfish?

Devilvet said...

Dear Don aka Poor Man's Playboy

dingdongpingping you hypocrite!!!!!!