Thursday, September 06, 2007

Clay Continent - Potential Variation upon the Original

How many Jekylls and Hydes can I have onstage at once?
Most renderings both onstage and screen have one actor who plays both characters. The first Clay Continent split the duties between 2 actors, and the effect is quite intriguing. Have two sides of an entity vie for dominance and control of decision, direction, etc...This is monologue in action, fuller dramatization of the internal conflict within us all.

So, we have the split personality or the ying and yang. We have duality incarnate onstage for the spectator...But is it possible or interesting to have representations of the various shades of grey personalities that might be within an entity?

Why should I be simply satisfied with the dichotomy of Good versus Evil?
Why not a vast variety of selves that branch out of the entity.
Rather than the family tree, the entity tree.
A scientist whose Christian Name is Henry Jekyll and many many branches shooting off of him?


Paul said...

Why should I be simply satisfied with the dichotomy of Good versus Evil?

Especially when such breakdowns are never that simple.

I like the ideas. If nothin' else, the family/entity tree lends to discussions about the progression of good/evil. Both progress really, really slowly and entropy hit both very quickly.

RLewis said...

G vs. E = simple. oh, if only life were such. i really think that you're on to something. it's probably gonna be really difficult to paint grey - so many shades - but your post alone is definitely speaking to me. can't wait to see it on stage.