Friday, September 21, 2007

Clay Continent Writing Exercise 2

Disclaimer - I may be using the comments I receive for this post as fodder for the Mammals Theater Company's upcoming production of Clay Continent.

Ok, I've got another exercise for you. I want you to write an insulting remark. Some thing one character could say to another to denigrate an idea, a political or religious belief, etc.

Here's the catch I want it in the form of a haiku.

For example...

There is some thing wrong
With your f cking brain I think
Your head e quals shit

Please shower my blog
With lots of insults galore
Or I'll hunt you down



Anonymous said...

Hey A my Wine house
Gi na Ger shon's on the phone
She wants her face back

Devilvet said...

Somebody posted this and I accidentally deleted didn't sign it though. Still here it is...DV

By talking to you
My IQ level has dropped.
Begone simpleton.

Anonymous said...

My an gry man hood
Is stuck in your stu pid face
Till you smart en up

Devilvet said...

you o pen your mouth
out comes fart i li cous crap
you dis gust ing pig

Hey this is fun

Devilvet said...

Par don me wait er
Is that a fly in my soup
Or is it your brain?