Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Dream in world of the Axe-Man

I love being asleep. That is a great damn time most the time. I get to eat as much as I want and no body looks sideways at me. I can have as much coffee as I want as much sugar and half and half. Fuck half and half I can have the whole fucking cow in coffee when I'm dreaming.

I don't get the kickback in throat no matter. I can have coffee and beer and shot and can of gasoline on top of that.

Ohhhh I can taste those cigarettes in dreams

-Do you smoke?

Not so much. I had to learn for a part in a play I did back in good old days. The good old affordable days when I could be sure I'd sleep in bed. I dream of beds now. Ha!

Nah, the cigarettes right? Yeah, I was playing a part in a play I auditioned to impress this girl and some how I got invited back. They wanted me to play a professional wrestler, you got imagine you know back then I was broader in the shoulders I was a regular all star but this girl she liked poets, she like words and dancing and poets and paint on canvas. I owe all the bad things since then to being in love with a girl who loved poets. Her cunt was carrot she dangled in front of me and let me just get my bottom lip up against for a few stanzas. I got real good at spinning a line you know each metaphor for the way her shape looked under stagelights , a bra buckle that only the right brain could figure.

Damn I keep meaning to talk about how I learned to smoke. So they want me to play this professional wrestler who was an incarnation of the devil. Ha. And I guess I looked more like a devil smoking a cigar. So I had to learn how to smoke cigars. They just put one in my hand during the rehearsals and after weeks of it, I got to really enjoy it. And after rehearsal at the bar, I'd ask folks for a cigarette and smoke it with my drink, but after 3 or 4 nights of that the other actors told me that if I was a smoker it was time for me to buy a pack. I had to choose between beer and smoking. I choose beer.

Sometimes in dreams I can remember the taste of those cigars, and in the dream I crave it. I really crave it hard when I sleep.

So anyways that is why I love sleeping.

-That's not real

Stop. Alright. I felt it. That is just as good. If you feel it and you remember than it is real man.

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