Monday, September 24, 2007

A life well lived

There is so much fear
Stopping us
I mean
There has never been a guarantee
Health Insurance is no guarantee
Deep Breathing is nothing certain either
Who do you owe the greatest debt to?
Can you be certain that you have the time necessary to pay that debt?

There is the way in which fear is a great tool
It gives the ability to outrun the bear
But the fear that stops you from even entering the forest
Is a walking death fear
A fear that stops life
Even as it attempts to preserve it

Fear stops the story
And wear one brother falls from a cliff while climbing
Or another brother takes a bullet for something
Or two people make love regardless of reproduction
Or a child learns the power to change

what fear gives us instead is
Weak kneed cup of coffee
The soft indentation on the couch
The catalog of regrets

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