Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Dream Axe-Man-ish

If you feel it, then it is real.

I remember I had a dream where my father cut across my face with a blade. I can remember the feeling of being cut, the sensation of the sharp blade coming across the cheek towards the nose. I remember the way it felt when the skin on either side of the incision let go of the other side and the oxygen blew across the same path as the blade. I felt the sensation of air touching flesh that had never breathed that way before. And the intense fury my father aimed towards me in the dream.

I felt that. It was real. Even if it was only real around here (spins fingers around the head) it is real enough. Real.

-A Dream can be real

I can't share it or verify it, but real.

And something that happened and I can forget it, forget how it felt. Then it isn't real. Then it never happened.

This is the way it is.
Something felt and remembered is real
Something forgotten never felt or even doubted then is not real

So If I can make you feel the dream, it is more real than the waking thing

-The waking thing? You mean reality?
-Fuck you. Are trying to be cute with me...

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