Thursday, September 27, 2007

My dad

So, I got a call yesterday from my folks. It appears that my dad is going to go in for a heart cathaterization today. He's had some chest pain for the past few days. He thought he had pulled a muscle in his chest. Mom talked him into going to the doctor. EKG Stress test later...and they think they may have to put a stent in one of his arteries. I'll know tonight how the whole thing went.

For me it seemed to come right out of nowhere. I've been using my health insurance lately to go and get checked up by the sawbones. It appears that my blood pressure is pretty high. Not unusual for me I think. I tend to be pretty stressed out, overweight, etc. But the doctor was really concerned and thinks I'm a candidate for medication.

Huh? He wants to make sure I don't have a history of heart conditions. I don't think so. Nobody in the family mentioned anything. But just to sure lets ask the folks one more time.

"No, bob. No history of diabetes. Well expect for your great grand father and my aunt. And no history of Cardiac trouble expect for your grandmother dying of congestive heart failure."

"So, mom, what your saying is that we have diabetes in the family."

"Well, yes and no. When your great grand father and great aunt got it, it wasn;t childhood diabetes. It was adult diabetes."

"Well, I'm an adult"

"Yeah, I guess you are"

"And what about this congestive heart failure"

"Well that isn't really a heart condition (by the way not true). It is more like fluid built up around the heart."

All this and now my dad is in the hospital. So who knows maybe my rigorous questioning made him second guess that twinge he was feeling and went to get it checked out.

I have to admit, the whole thing is upsetting. Not only that my dad is in the hospital right now for an overnight procedure due to heart issues, but that my folks seem to make so little of it, and that getting the information from them was like pulling teeth. Was it because they don't want to acknowledge that maybe we do have some hereditary health issues in the family? Is it because they know I have a natural streak of hypochondria in me? Of course, they weren't purposely trying to hide anything from me, but why is it that I had to hear about this only after my doctor suggests BP medication?

Family (points to head and makes crazy sign)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Bob.

My family is looney bats too, especially when it comes to health stuff. They all look at me weird when I tell them I wrote a christmas song about my dad's kidney cancer. What's so wrong about that?

Mostly, I figure, you folks just don't want you to worry. Parents are kinda one-track minded about that stuff.

I'm sure your dad will be on the mend and back on the phone misinforming you in no time!

For reals, it'll be good. Try not to worry too much.


RLewis said...

Although my dad had quaduple bypass over a decade ago, my mom is known as the queen of angioplasty - she's had at least 4 stints so far. the first one scared me, but now, i think they do them on an out-patient basis (i kid). but they're getting really good at these procedures, so hang in there - your dad will be fine in no time.

but as for you, sir, if you want to live forever, keep up with that workout plan of yours. i've been an avid runner for over a decade now, just in hopes of not repeating the mistakes of the father. and if you decide to check out early, be sure to leave us some great plays to remember you by. lol. work hard, fly right.

Devilvet said...

Thanks everybody. I got the report just a few minutes ago. Apparently the whole thing went well. He is home comfortably resting thinking more about the exercise they are telling him he has to do now. They want him to walk a mile once a week. I suggested he move to chicago.

GreyZelda Land said...

Glad to hear that your dad is doing better and that everything went well.