Monday, September 17, 2007


Is it because you aint a kid anymore
You don't hang out on the back porch
twittering hazardly under the feet of
drunken twentisomethings becuase well
you think it might give way?

Or becuase you don't go to bars
Where they don't card quite so much
but the bartender takes her sweet ass time?

Or becuase too much jagermeister
makes your GERD act up?

or is it that you're losing your hair
and despite what anybody thinks
in circles in cliques all of them
hair is of the utmost importance?

It doesn't matter
that you live
the kind of life
that they pretend to

Or that despite the depth and darkness of your soul
What's more important is black finger nail polish and edgy crew cuts

It doesn't matter that you've got enough mileage and content
to cut apart the fat from the bone

It doesn't matter how sharp your blade is
If the scabbard aint ornate

Told a gal that I kinda think is cute
That I used to be excited by the scene
but that they scene aint what it used to be
she said it aint the scene that's changed
It you. You've changed.
Double Shit
Triple shit on stick
I think she might be right

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