Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Possible Jekyll Monolgoue

Jekyll - I was sitting by ourself in a booth at the bread and coffee cafe. I had scribbling notes for the past hour furiously. At least a half dozen potential chemical variations to the compund. Exhuastion was setting in. I had been running on my third and then my fourth wind. I needed something and since I couldn't well open a capsule of meth into cup of coffee, I opted instead for a sugar high. I went to self serve half and half bar and grabbed a half dozen suagr packets to take back to my little booth. I didn't have any appointment for another hour and wanted to load up on gluclose so as to fuel this scientific inspiration I had been pouring into the my nots of journal. Just after I sat back down at the booth, I saw a couple of bicycle cops looking for place to sit. I had been camped here since 10 in the morning, but it was now the hieight of lunchtime rush hour and comfortable seats were scant. Both of the cops caught my eye, he hovered like a dragonfly in hope that I was about to surrender the booth. I shrugged my shoulders quick as an apology for not leaving. One of the two cops didn't like that. I avoided his glare, my eyes wild with lack of sleep get a like a flounders. I had one aimed at the journal and my hand scribbling at the engima, the other eye landed on the bike cops hairy legs with vains bludging in rage at my mere existence, at my audacity at being alone in a booth at the Bread and Coffee Cafe at this time of day, it what I was being suspect must have been his favorite seat in the entire establishment.

I decided to go ahead and leave. I ripped open the sugar packets poured them into my coffee. My notes were dishelved and so it took bothhands to care them and my coffee. Hence, I left the used sugar packets on the tabletop.

Voice of Cop -You going leave that there?

Jekyll - What

VoC - You going to leave that mess on your table, you not going pitch it in trash

J-And then something happened. So far as I could tell I was still me. I sat Hyde sitting safely there in that corner we had made for him. But the words escaping my lips were not mine

Hyde-Not mine either

Jekyll - You sure

Hyde-Wasn't me

Voice of Cop - What did you just say to me?

Jekyll - You're hard of hearing too. I said what is this really about? Huh? I reminder you of some joker who fucked your wife and got away with it?

(to Hyde)

You sure that isn't you?

Hyde - Why would I?

Jekyll - Spite?

Hyde - If you aren't going to let me handle it, then leave me alone.

VoC - You know who you're talking to?

Jekyll - Are you going to arrest me

VoC - if you give me a good reason

Jekyll - So you're just going to harass me?

VoC - You know what I think? I think you're crazy

Jekyll - No, what's crazy is me having to tolerate harrasment from apublic servant over a bunch of empty sugar packets. No well balanced officer of law would ever stoop to such a trival enterprise. So I surmised you must be under some sort of emotional strain, like for instance a sense of extreme melancholy due to the ready availability of your wife's vagina to any tom dick or harry with a five spot and penchant for creampie

Hyde - Somebody is being a bad boy

Jekyll - OK that was not me...


RLewis said...

Bob, this is just me, so feel free to ignore. i know that goes without saying, but this scene intrigues me as a fine example of what i understand is rule #1 for playwrighting: "show, don't tell".

I'd love to See this scene (the sugar going into the coffee, the cops hovering), instead of hearing it recounted. and if you want similtaneous dialogue, what better opportunity (J & H both talking, but saying different things to the cops). probably not something ya want to get locked into, but something to consider.

in the past year I've read many scenes that blogging playwrights have posted, and they rarely use italics. I know it's essential in screenwriting, and am surprised that more don't use it in plays. When Action is so important to a play, i'm not sure why playwrights write so much dialogue.

Devilvet said...


I'm not too familiar with screenwriting conventions and those rules of engagement italics do what?

Still, I get you, and might even agree. Right now, I'm thinking of this more as a potential source material for a scene that hasn't even been flesh outed in my mind so there are many possibilities for how I could stage it, maybe...

1) As a monlogue
2) Stage all the action as you suggest
3) Stage but have Jekyll and/or Hyde play all the parts (cops too)
4) Tell the story with some other completely different yet relevent action going on simultaneously.
5) Something else entirely that is inspired by what happens when I get all my actors in the room

The pieces I've been drawing from are very literary, and in the previous productions we used all that beautiful langauge almost as an enhancement to the spectacle, the soundscape...

But I think there is value in your reminding me ... hey why not just Stage the damn thing rather than recount it.