Friday, September 28, 2007

Sandwich Man is now the Axe Man

That is the name of the play/prose/story/showing I'm going to be putting all of my creative chaotic juice on top of during the NaNoWrimo.

It started with the idea called the Sandwich Man a tale about a street musician who lies about being a FBI agent to a hobo sandwich man protester to get him to leave the musician and his listeners alone. The hobo disappears, but is suddenly replaced by Men in Suits with dark glasses, ear pieces, who constantly talk into their cuff links. The Men in Suits then systematically put the musician through an kafka-like nightmare of seemingly unwarranted trial and persecution.

The major image was this old hobo I called the Sandwich Man. I could see him with this incredibly ornate sandwich board that doubled as outsider art/puppet and object stage. I saw him tell passers by stories warnings morality tales about people who get lost or taken. I overheard this old man certain that the FBI was going to stop him from telling his tales. They were listening and they didn't like what he had to say.

As more time pasted, I thought to myself well that is an interesting image but is it a story to be told? I thought about the man whose story this would actually be, the young musician, the horn player, and he became or is becoming the Axe-Man.

No matter how intriguing or phantasmagorical I find the possibilities of the Sandwich Man, It is the Axe-Man's story...that I have to remember.

Both of these men have chosen or been brought to a position in life where they have to use the open air as their forum of communication.

Things to think about connections maybe

homeless, what if all the homeless suddenly disappeared?
same as the street musicians? What if no one was occupying the streets, only using them to move from one point to another?

What sort of political threat is one man with a sandwich board? Why bother with him? Some might argue that they never really are bothered with. But, what if...what would a sandwich man have to do or say or preach so that he would be dangerous enough or perceived as dangerous enough that he would be stopped. Thing about this girl who went to the airport with a circuit board taped to here chest. I am not convinced that wasn't a performance, regardless of the reporting we are getting.


Tony said...

Not directly related, but have you seen A Day Without Mexicans ?

along the lines of what if all the homeless suddenly disappear. . . .

Devilvet said...


No, I have seen and read Day of Absence by Douglas Turner Ward

Tell me more. Is Day without mexicans a movie?

Tony said...

Yeah, it's a mocumentary (pretty loosely) based on Day of Absence. Basic plot is one morning everyone wakes up in southern Cal and there are no Mexicans. Not a great move, but worth checking out.

Oh and I spelled it wrong before it's A Day Without a Mexican.