Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Seven Snakes - Chapter - Morning with Mother

The sun woke me up. Last night I got he man out of his hole and back in my bed, but in the dawn, the Man was gone again. I could hear Mother's ghost clearing her throat, sitting on the foot of the bed squinting in her worried way.

D-Where'd he go?

M-Outside again. Back to digging

(Mother signs and squints)

D- Don't
D- Don't ruin it for me.
D- I want to savor this alright?
M-Savor away Girlie
D- The feeling of him and I entwined.
M- He seems pretty set on that cave he's at
D-Why is that?
M- He got a taste of the daughter, maybe he's trying to dig up yer old ma
M- He got a taste fer my bones.

She laughes and laughes.

D- It's him and me. He's mine. It's like he and I have a secret we share when his weight is on top of me.
M- Just one night of bumpin has got you talking like a sailor?D- Forget itM- Girlie, I'd rahter see you step trepidaious. What if the weight of your secret crushes everything else around you?
D- what can I do but sucumb to his weight?
M- I'm fretting on it. Right now you ought be knee deep in a post game cuddle but the guy is out there digging a hole? What the hell's he doing? Digging for e'rl to buy you a diamond engagement ring? I doubt seriously. Besides how you going to have a secret with a man you can't even pick out of a line up? No doubt he's got the secret. He might could be a bit touched too. You think of that? Course not. You must be a wee bit touched as well. Giving yer cherry to a Man wont even let ya kiss him on the mouth, much less see his face.

Well at least the TV stopped screaming at me. I turned it back around, figured I must of been high on lovin' last night.

Before I headed out for the VA, I stopped by the hole to say goodbye to my Man

M- It aint a hole no more. It's a subway station.

She wasn't kidding. It had grown significantly deeper and wider since last night. My Man had been busy. I could actually walk down inside it without crouching over. I took a few steps in. I couldn't see my Man or the end of the tunnel, but I heard him down there digging away. I went further in until I could see no light from the opening. I called out to him. The digging stopped for a moment, but no answer came. Then the digging started back up. I didn't want to go any deeper in the tunnel if I couldn't see. I shouted to him that I would see him later that night. Finally he answered back yelling back to me "Tonight!"

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