Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Seven Snakes

I ran outside. It was still night. Then, I saw the man a couple dozen yards in the distance. My heart hit the inside of my ribs. My eyes started to leak. I wanted him so badly, and there he was. But, he seemed to sink slowly into the sand. Could I trust my eyes? There wasn't any quicksand on the propeorty. Something was pulling him away from me. The Phantom TV already had me wound so tight I couldn't stand it.

The man's head went under. I ran for him. I was out of breath when I saw a small glow escpaing from a deep hole. He hadn't sunk. He'd descended, or was pulled in. You could hear the sound of scrapping and digging underneath. I knelt at the mouth of the hole and called out to him. Silence. Then he slowly came up into view. He had nothing on but dirt, pants, and that red bandana still covering his face.

D-Are you ditching me?
M -I don’t have anywhere to go. No one wants me. Not now
D-You left me alone in there

He wasn't paying full attention to me. He picked up a handful of sand and started rubbing in onto his biceps and forearms.

D-I was scared
M-Of what?
D-Don’t go.
M-I wont
D-Please come back inside. Come out of your hole.
M-But it feels good. Soothing. My skin, my flesh, everything feels better now underground.
D-I want it again. I want you to do it to me again.
M-Especially at night. The sand is so cold, so refreshing.
D-I’ll do anything you want if you do that to me again.
M-I don’t know if we should
D-Didn’t you like it
M-I liked it. A lot

I smiled. So did he, but just for a bit.

M-But when it was finished I was filled with something. Full of needles. Full of grease. Full of dark.
D-Was it ever like that before?
M- There was no before
D- Be with me
M-I am with you. I am. I just need to stay inside this hole
D-What can I do to make you feel better to keep you too me.
M-Show me you. All of you. Take off your clothes. Show me your beauty.

I turned my back so that I couldn’t see mother’s mound. There was no else on the desert but us. I took off my shirt and got goosebumps in places I never knew you could. I liked how his eyes were fixed straight at me. Still in his hole looking up, just me and the moonlight. I heard him moan softly. He reached into a pocket of his pants and pulled out a flute.
He played it and I moved to the music. He was beneath me. I was above. My hips were moving and my breasts were moving. I touched my self and let him tell me with his eyes what I was suppose to touch next, and after a few minutes, I got him out of that hole.

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