Thursday, September 06, 2007

Top 8 (or 9) theatre experiences

In response to Don's latest post

In no particular order

1) Richard Foreman's The Universe - First Foreman show I saw after reading about him. Not all of NYC still finds him relevant. However, when I lived there, my theatrical season axis was Foreman's spring shows. Also, I got to see James Urbaniak onstage before he voiced all those cool characters on the Venture Brothers.

2) The Green Bird by Julie Taymor. This was at the time the most visual most enthralling and entertaining piece of theater I had seen. It was one of the most fun and spectacular pieces I ever saw (just off broadway). Taymor at her best.

3) Rich Cluchey as Krapp in Krapp's Last Tape at the old Goodman. Amazing how this man had all of us eating out of his hand like tamed pets with so difficult material as Beckett. In Cluchey's hands, Krapps Last Tape becomes Beckett's most endearing script.

ps.Personally I miss the old Goodman when it was attached physically to the Art Institute.

4) Jump Cut Faust by the Builders Association. I saw this in a converted loft space in NYC very multimedia very fun very hip but still very honest and sincere. Great stuff

5) Houselights by the Wooster Group

6) Buried Child the Steppenwolf broadway production.

7) My Father the Chair by Greg Allen. I am one of the few people in Chicago (very few) who while I respect TMLMTBGB, It is not to my taste. But Greg Allen did a performance of the this very personal piece for many NYC folks at the Rat Conference way back in 1998 I think. And it was inventive and touching.

8) Fields of Mars by Gale Gates etal.

I don't think this company is still producing. But back when Williamsburg and DUMBO were just beginning to gain in popularity, They had a space in Brooklyn and what seemed like endless budgetary resource. They created this most environmental performance where we the audience literally become Alice in Wonderland, Watch a reenactment of Andrew Wyeth paintings on stage and then are usher onto the stage rather than down the rabbithole into a cavernous space where 5 surrealists performance sculptures were going on simultaneously. Many of NYC artists scoffed at it's overindulgence and obvious price tag, but I adored it.

9) That Proust Piece by Mary Zimmerman that was put up at the warehouse off of Ravenswood Ave. Why can't we have more exciting stuff like that?

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