Friday, September 21, 2007

Why write? Because...

I'm alive
this moment
right now
I'm alive
And that is significant
I'm observant
In a fashion unlike most others
I want to be more observant
I need practice
How better than to catalog my observances

I observe the world
I am dissatisfied
I am bored
I am angry
I am convinced
I can do better
So I write down
A paradigm I prefer
A distraction
From my dissatisfaction
A Phantasmagorical pantheon
To make me smile
I am alive
Look what I made
It is so special to me
It is unlike what others make
I adore it
For a few brief moments
I remember
That I am capable
of something
something special
I struggle but
I have left a few white pages in this world
better off than when I found them

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