Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And a Duck goes quack! Now what?

We must be careful when it comes to mutual commiserating. Be wary that we don't slip into mutual admiration at our own best intentions.

I mean ask yourself the question who out there wants to bore people in the theatre.

Well meant manifestos followed by online high fives give catharsis. Now we (myself included) have to focus on what we do, what we will change in specific terms.

Use simple sentences.

Know that it is ok to take paragraphs to figure it out, to word it out...but

What do you want in a sentence!


Tony said...

For me, what I want onstage is something greater than ourselves.

Devilvet said...

Ok...good start...allow me to push you a bit...

Greater than

This statement has a wide evocative range...i.e. the greatness part?

What exactly needs to be greater than it now is?

Tony said...

Ohh, I don't think I can be brief on this one, as most of my longest posts have related to this in some sense. I think at it's most basic, it begins with the stories we begin to tell.

Stories like that of Icarus have been replaced with LaBute, and its not a good thing. Not to nostalgically whimper for the stories of old, but that's the most clear example I can think of.

Devilvet said...

Well, I think you do have the ability to narrow it down. And I also think that narrowing it down is an essential step in the path toward what you want.

I think in the end it is very simple.

Maybe the greatness that we seek lies in our ability to help others simplify yet absorb the enormity of the results fo their actions?

If (to your mind) labute distracts from greatness, then what story(s) focus us towards greatness?

push...push...(that's me poking my finger in your arm via the internet)