Monday, October 29, 2007

Animal Control by Bob Fisher

This weekend I finished the first draft of the play I've been working on lately referred to as the Axe-Man and before that called The Sandwich Man. It's got a better title inspired by my recent week in New Orleans. It is now called Animal Control. I still have to get it typed into the computer. It is all hand written in my notebooks thus far. The first draft came incredibly quickly for me this time around. I started by trying to write every scene with the fewest lines possible, not to get wrapped up in an attempt to be poetic, poignant, artistic, etc. Just figure out what happens in the scene and write that down on one page or less. But doing this in a day or two I had the complete outline on paper, well a little more than the outline, I had about 25 pages of a script. Then I started fleshing the play out. I'm happy with the first draft and hoping to organize a reading in December to hear it out loud.

We follow a street musician called Axe as he attempts to play his sax and get along in a city recently hit by natural disaster. Now that people are starting to return to the street, there are small scale turf skirmishes between street musicians as to whose stoop is whose. Axe who blows evenings on a bridge connecting downtown to the rest of the city, has to deal with with The Sandwich Man, a scuffed up seemingly homeless man who believes he is being terrorized by the FBI. The various street musicians and lowlifes start mysterious disappearing and no one can tell if it is the authorities taking them out, people just moving on to greener pastures, or if the recent plague of feral stray dogs roaming the streets is attacking/eating anything or anyone they come into contact with.

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Paul said...

I love when a first draft comes out quick. It's usually a sign that I've got something worth saying. Been a while since I've had one of those.

Congratulations, Bob. Can't wait to see/hear/read it.