Friday, October 12, 2007


I haven't read a blog post in a week, and it is incredible to ingest a week's worth of posts as whole rather than day to day. I've read about boredom, about risk, about why...

I am struck at how much we are struggling to identify purpose, we being the theater community.

We are hunters, all of us, hunting for a purpose and hoping to find an audience. We seek. And while we seek, we are transformed...

What transforms us?
The empty house
The sound of another speaking words we wrote on a page so long ago
The emotion of another
The doubt as to whether we are responsible for our own successes
The compulsion
The addiction
The desire to nourish ourselves and others
The full house on closing night
The sound of loved ones' applause

And how do these things transform us?
For me they either add or take away from my storage of hope

Hope that I can effect change
That my voice will be heard
Regardless of whether the words are full of risk
or if the story I tell is of interest to only a select few

What do you want?

Freedom from financial burden so as to pursue your dream
Hear your words aloud

pick one...

but why only one?

As a actor a director a storyteller should tell you

Even if what we want is better defined as multifarious, it is simpler and therefore achievable to pursue a single want on stage

That truism is more enabling than the definition of risk or boredom or any other "key" is the scene, the audience, etc.

Your point of origin, your path to success should start with what do you it in a sentence break it down.

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