Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Orleans and other stuff

Trip soon

Going to New Orleans for a week for work stuff. However after 5pm I got the french quarter and my stipend all to myself. Looking for to it. I've never been to New Orleans before. I just want to get some good red beans and rice maybe with a little sausage in it, maybe hear some good jazz, a get a little shwag. I'm easy to please with these trips.

Coffee cup - check
T-Shirt with Louis Armstrong or a shrunken head on it - check
Sweet Tea - check

We are staying at a really nice hotel. The only problem with that is that the really nice hotels usually charge for internet access in 24 hour chunks. I think I might even leave the computer at home for this trip. Last business trip, I took it and had to face the same thing. But this is also going to be in the heart of downtown N.O. as opposed to the last one which was north of phoneix in BFE with out anything around for miles. I could conceivable walk somewhere with a connection like a panera bread or what not. I'll have to look up and see iff there is any free wifi around there.

Other stuff

I'm currently trying to come up with a list of items Ithink would help small theater in Chicago, sort of my 2 cents on the post put up by Don today. I'll have a more comprehesive post about it in the next coming weeks. Whereas Chris Piat and Kris Vire deserve recognition for a great article, it at the same time almost depresses me that there is such a draught of this sort of journalism outthere that we have to vocalize our gratitude for the article in the first place. But the term "Chicago Theater for Chicagoans" really hit me hard as well as the notion that the city and its most prominant "advocates" aren't doing enough. I think it is an apt concern.

When I get back from N.O. it will be closing week for the Dada show. It is so strange that it is literally almost over. I've given it so much of my head space and now "bamf!" it has teleported into the ether. There are other projects to be sure, but this is the first one that I've been involved with from conception to closing since being back to c-town. It is making me relfective. Ah well.

I'm working slowly but surely on getting the Chicago Mammals website up to snuff. It is nice to have a site back up even if there is literally no real content as of yet. some Ideas I have for it are going to be comic strips related to the shows we are doing or working on. Video content, etc. I'm trying to think of the Mammals more as an entity of artistic expression and less as just a theater company. I may attempt once again to put serial episodes of work up...either text, audio, or video...Just have to wait and see how it develops. The site is there but it wont be officially up until December. Officially that is. If you go to the site you'll see our mascot, the upside down cow. You might notice it is just a skeleton right now, I've got to put meat on those bones. I need a name for the mascot as well...So those of you haven't clicked away as of our mascot....come on put it in the comments section...
do it do it do it!


RLewis said...

Bob, not sure if you're looking for places to explore in NO. I've not yet been there myself, but I did really enjoy Lisa's blogging this summer about her hometown. She wrote about several hot spots that she likes, and I'd trust her for sure. So, if you need someplace to do something, whatever, maybe check out her past posts...

Devilvet said...

Ralph, awesome

GreyZelda Land said...

Yay - New Orleans! You'll love it ... try to safely stroll into the Marigny section of the town ... you'll find some amazing bars and more of a local culture that way, in my humble opinion. And, if you get a chance to stop into the Shim-Sham club, please, please do. It was one of my favorite haunts when I was down there. And Keuffer's.

(I'm setting the Skriker in New Orleans, by the by, so I'm excited that you'll be visiting! Feel free to take some fabulous photos!)


Don R. Hall said...

I like the name "Maury" for the cow.

Joe Janes said...

Off of Jackson Square you'll find a good place for coffee and benges (not sure on that spelling!). Look for a dive restaurant called Coop's not far from there, too. Good gumbo. - Joe

GreyZelda Land said...

Beignets - very tasty and decadent... bad bathrooms there, though ... yikes. The place is called Cafe du Monde.

Across the street from there is the BEST place to get a muffuletta sandwich, a New Orleans tradition - The Central Grocery. Check it. And stuff yourself. Or pick one up for later ... so ... stinkin' good.

How about Carlotta for that upside down cow?

GreyZelda Land said...

Oh! and let me add this because it's important ... try not to go to Bourbon Street ... it's a time/money/aesthetic waster ... you can setp on it for a couple seconds if you want just to say, Hey! There's stinky Bourbon Street! but I assure you ... you'll find many more amazing things on all the other streets. The best place to stop in on Bourbon is a nice, dark bar called Jean Lafitte's (I think.) Supposedly haunted and all that ...

And, please be careful. If you stay around the Quarter at night, you should be fine. Head to the Garden district during the day, if you get a chance.

I'm going to email you some more possible info straight from Poppy Z. Brite, who lives there and has great taste.