Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No Beer and TV makes DV something something...

In preparation for NaNoWriMo and also as a measure to help me save money, I finally turned off my digital cable today. I still have the internet and the basic cable service which is local channels and tbs. I was going to get he whole TV turned off, but since the price difference was 10 dollars, I am going to still have to demonstrate some self control and turn the TV off from occasion to occasion. Still, I'm hoping the savings (about 80 bucks a month) plus few shiny happy shows to distract me will help me get another first draft novel finished this month.

I was going to use the Animal Control narrative as the NaNoWriMo project, but since I've got a draft of that already done, I need a different story to flesh out. I think it will end up being one of 2 options.

The first idea(which I am leaning towards) , I have had these 2 characters in my head for a couple of years now. The first is a puppeteer in the fifties who is absolutely brilliant, but painfully socially inept. He would rather just sit in his studio apartment doing peyote dreaming up weird puppet shows. The fear of performance keeps him from doing the shows for more than just a few people at a time. Finally his peyote connection threatens to cut him off if he doesn;t start filming his shows so that somebody somewhere can see his art. The second character is an over the hill adult sex star dude with major skeltons in the closet who meets the puppeteer and envisions using the puppeteer's talents to corner the Hollywood special effects market. The puppeteer agrees to work with the aging porn king, but only if the porn king can get him a girl. What happens next? The porn king convinces a pretty young thing that the Puppeteer is the next best thing. The puppeteer, at the urging of the porn king starts making strange stop motion shorts in a very hans bellmer sort of mileau. Hearts get broken. Dreams get dashed. Maybe a little blood gets split, I'm not sure how it ends.

The other idea is to take a bunch of short character and scenario sketches I've had for a private detective character and turn it into a series of adventures about him. This would be fun, but It would be vinnettes rather than something like a novel, which is ok according to the NaNoWriMo so long as you get 50,000 words...but I don't know... I like the idea of taking November to workout the if and or buts on something bigger.


Paul said...

That first one sounds like it's got more of your attention, DV.

GreyZelda Land said...

Good luck on embarking on your writing month! You created some really interesting work last year so it'll be cool to see what you write this year.

Rock and roll.


Paul Rekk said...

Look at this guy, breaking out the Hans Bellmer references! I wanna read that one!