Tuesday, October 23, 2007


If someone were to draw up a History of Artist Oppression (I'm sure to some of you this is a potentially ridiculous project) what would be some of the key bullet points in the history's timeline

for example

Degenerate Art Exhibits in Germany
Hollywood Blacklist
NEA Four
Pre-Glasnost Russia
John Lennon and the Beatles talk about Jesus
Vonnegut and potential banning of Slaughterhouse-Five
Bert Williams having to perform in blackface

Times where the artist had to deal with a relevant, concentrated effort by an entity, fraternal or political or any individual with enough clout to be heard...where the artist's work was attacked or deemed unsuitable or unworthy or obscene. Where someone or something attempted to silence the artist. Or subvert or control the artist.

I'll admit that all this talk about Stelarc has spurned on this thought, but I'm going in a more personal direction with my energy on this. I just want to find way to investigate and document what I perceive to be historic precedence about how "artists" are commissioned attacked approached, and or used. Please give me a list...please please...


GreyZelda Land said...

You've named off everything that comes immediately to mind, but I think anytime in history where a particular leader or government decided to ban expression in general ... religion, free thought, choices, etc. would be a perfect time where art was oppressed as well as destroyed for the sake of the society people were looking to create.


Tony said...

I think the Medeci is probably the biggest (and probably most influential on western culture) example I can think of.