Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dystopia 3 - The first challenge

So, the first challenge I am going to set for myself is attempting on a daily or near daily basis to write a fictional newspaper article for an imaginary dystopian world. I think this might be a worthy technique for generating material aiding any sort of eventual world building. Also, I believe this will be a great exercise for creative writing in a general sense. Most newspaper articles are 3 to 5 paragraphs long. I found a simple paradigm online for the creation of newspaper articles. It this works, after a couple of months I will have a wonder pantheon of articles/ideas to use as leaping off points when the workshops begin in April 2008.

If any body wants to join in on this writing exercise, please let me know. It could be something fun for a bunch of us to attempt.


downtown guy said...

Hey - I just ran across your blog. Very interesting project. Hope you don't mind if I watch to see where it goes.

I'm on a kick to read pretty much nothing but dystopian lit for the next while, and I'm blogging about it. If you're interested, take a look.

- Hank

Devilvet said...

Awesome. Please do check us out!


Paul said...

Depending on how much civilization has unraveled, the articles may be written by pre-school teachers with no formal J-school training... forced to tell the news because no one else can.

Never trust a man with a cold. Cough.

Devilvet said...


please write said article posthaste. I'll be posting my first article this weekend re: Hydroponic Coffee Factories and how they lead to coperate militia activities.