Monday, November 12, 2007

Random Items

No Country for Old Men was excellent. Saw it on Friday.

My NaNoWriMo novel this year is frustrating me. I am having fun with it, and I believe I have to get to 50,000 words. But at the same time, I don't know where it is going. I know where the narrative is going, I just don't know where the point of it all is. I have an outline. I have various side plots and a main arch main Aristotelian curve to cling to

There is the potential for it to say something about the path of an artist in relation to the hero's journey.

There is the potential for commentary on eroticism in art and its purpose, side effects, etc.

There is a possibility of commenting on the nature of how we perceive art/sleaze etc.

But none of it seems to be rising to the top for me. I am creating these characters and throwing them into various situations like I used to throw action figures in an ant hill. I am playing with language and imagery and discovering, at the same time. I am the same time I still have not typed out my first draft of Animal Control, I still haven't finishing preparations for Clay Continent, nor have I finished editing The Meatlocker's second draft or finished editing the first draft of my NaNoWriMo novel from last year, Seven Snakes.

So, do I keep plugging away waiting for social or political or philosophical relevance to take shape in the piece, do I just revel in the fun taboo depravity of the characters and the world, do I get busy finishing other projects?

I haven't abandoned the possibility of the Puppets, Peyote and Wink having relevance aside from being just titillating.


Paul said...

It's a first draft mind dump. Figure all that other stuff out later. Just write.

My money's on "something will happen that surprises you and answers some of your questions".

And i/r/t relevance: I've seen enough socio-political bullshit for a while -- just give me something truthful, y'know? If you're forcing it, it probably ain't truthful.

Devilvet said...

The thing I decided to do today was taken my doubts and make them the doubts of the characters and have them expound and act upon them.

And that has been useful and elucidating. The hard thin too has been keeping the Tv off not wanting to turn the cable box back on again. Especially late at night after 12:00am when i can't sleep am too exhausted to read or write and just want some brain candy

Paul said...

OK, I'm *using* that idea on *my* next creative block. That's brill, having them talk out your problems, especially in a first draft.

You need brain candy right now like you need your cock sucked by a moray eel.

There will be time for other projects after this one is done. Type, punk.


Devilvet said...

"You need brain candy right now like you need your cock sucked by a moray eel."

You stole that from Raymond Chandler

Paul said...

Erma Bombeck, actually.