Monday, December 10, 2007

Hopper Piece

(She is seated on the bed, looking out the window. He is in an armchair looking at her.)

H-Wake up

S-I am up

H-Then get dressed

(She doesn’t move.)

H-I said get dressed

S-I am wearing something

H-Something decent

S-I like what I’m wearing. It’s comfortable

H-You can’t go out like that

H- I said, you can’t go out in that. It’s too cold.

S-I’m not going out.

H-You said we’d go out.

S-I can’t

H-Why not?

S-I don’t want to

H-Look at me… Look at me.

(She looks at him.)

S-I’m not going out.

H-It’s no good just sitting up here.

(She looks back out the window)

H-What are looking at?

S-The water

H-You can’t see the water from here.

S-Just a bit.

(He goes to the window)

H-I don’t see anything.

S-Mermaids. I see mermaids.

H-I thought you promised me we were going to out? Aren’t you bored up here?

S-You go

H-I’m not leaving you alone.

S-I’ll be fine

H-Like last time.

S-Will you draw your mermaid a bath?

H-You already had your bath

H-I think we need a radio.

S-No. I like it quiet. Or I can’t hear the waves

H-You can’t hear the waves. Nobody can hear any waves from here?


H-It is too far away. Too high up.

S-Come here

H-You promised we’d go out today.

S-Look there. The sun.

H-I can’t

S-Why not

H-It’s blinding

H-If we’re not going anywhere. Will you dance for me?

(She laughes)

S-In a minute

H-Like you did on the boardwalk. Before it went to pot.

(He goes to the closet and pulls out a box. It is full of photos.)

H-Remember this?

S-Show me?

(He brings it over and holds it up for her to see.)

S-I used to have hips

H-You still got hips

S-No no no. You’re sweet. Those aren’t hips. Old mermaids don’t keep there hips.

(She touches her legs.)

H-You still got hips, honey. You love this hips

(She points to the photo)

S-You don’t miss those hips?

H-Those hips are these hips.

S-You’re breathing heavy, Stan

H-If were not going out. Then lets stay in. Lets really stand in baby.

S-You like my dancing?

H-I love it. I want you move.

S-But then I can’t see it.

(She points to the window)

H-But if you don’t move, why are we here?

S-Maybe tonight

H-No, dance for me now. I can’t stand it in here.

S-Ok…ok…I’ll dance. We don’t have any music.

H-I’ll be your music.

(He starts humming. She is staring out the window. Always out the window. She starts to move her shoulders a little.)

S-Not so loud. I want to hear the waves

H-There’s no waves

S-You’re just look looking right.

H-Show me the waves

(She points to the arm chair.)


H-Come on

(He is smelling her hair.)

S-Over there. I’m going to dance for you. I’m going to show you waves

(He sits down. She stands up. He starts humming again. She hunts around for a shoe under the bed and throws it at him softly.)


S-I told you to be quiet. Listen.

(She dances while looking at the window. It is slow shoulders and hips.)

H-Back at the boardwalk.

(Her garment slips off. She is dancing naked.)

S-I’m treading water. I’m treading water for you baby.

H-I’m back at the boardwalk. Tell me I’m your boy.

S-You’re my boy. Come to me.

(They dance. He is his bathrobe. She is naked. We can hear the ocean.)

S-Put me on the bed.

(He does. She rolls over. He touches her. The phone rings.)

S-You don’t have to get it

H-They wont stop till I get it

(He gets off the bed. Goes to answer the phone. She looks through the photos in the box. We can’t hear the ocean anymore. He comes back and sits on the edge of the bed.)

S-It was the kids?

H-They’ll be here tomorrow

S-You know they have an agenda


S-I don’t want go with them. Were not going.

(He cries a little.)

S-Come to me. You’re my boy.

(She gestures. She invites him. He leans in. Blackout.)

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