Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Play I'd like to see

Without Death, The Lord is Denied his Harvest

Set 75 years in the future, science has found a way to extend the human lifespan. The years of healthy life one can expect to live increases each year with newer healthcare technology to the point where in the former United States there has not had a registered death by natural cause in 25 years. Lifespan is like computer memory, it seems each new year brings out an upgrade.

A small cult has formed that believes it must kill as many people as it can who are in their twilight years, there borrowed years so to speak. And there is a wave of homicides of healthy centigenarians.


Paul said...

Population question? Also: Just the US, or is this knowledge global?

I like the "Reverse-Logan's Run" feel.

Anonymous said...

As obvious as it seems, what I like most about this play is how it can provide interesting roles for mature actors (y'know, beyond the (grand)parent figure).

Devilvet said...


For the story I want to tell, I think that this is going to be primarily global. However, it could be interesting if certain members of the cult decide to do missionary work in 3rd world countries were mortality is higher. However, stragnely enough the cult's goals there would be to inhibit the progress of technology. I think their appearence in the third world could be enven more horrifying. However, just like in today's global narrative, I fear that the plight of the third world is one that most spectators don't identify with. We think it is horrible, and then change the channel until someone else does something about it. So, the bulk of the story told would be in the US probably, even here in Chicago.

That or it would be taking place in both worlds. First world nation sort of serial cult killer...third world nation Jim Jones sort of genocide.

I hadn't thought of that. You're right. However, I wouldnt be able to afford all though senior citizen equity contracts (winks).

Actually, as I mentally riff off of your idea..I have a vision of using 2 actors for each character. One that would be the physical representation and another live performer who was the internal/spirit/mind...etc...The second performer would be true to "age" and act sort of like a puppeteer to the first...Possibly...just thinking out loud now.

Paul said...

With the death toll dropping in the first world, what ARE the numbers of the global population? What are families looking like? Are people still having tons of kids, now that they can feasibly live forever? What's the food-to-people ratio: Have similar advances appeared in food production? Other medical upgrades, such as those ear implants that squick D-Ray out so much? Jobs: Obsolete, or just don't pay shit?

Heh, heh: Is health care universal, or is this new technology only for those with the cash?

Riffing off your title, how does this technology change the religious landscape? Does Christianity, or any religion with a focus on the afterlife, continue to prosper?

Oh, so many questions.