Monday, December 03, 2007

Writing so far?

So, anyone who cares might ask where are those Dystopian fictional news articles? Well, I've had to put that one on the back burner for a few more days. Last month was the NaNoWriMo, and between that and trying to get my latest project ready to be ready on Sunday...I've had other fish to fry. And last month strangely seemed like I had writer's block (although anyone who writes over 25,000 words roughly 50 pages of single spaced text and thinks they had writer's block ought to check themselves into the mental ward).

Animal Control is coming together. Some times I get real doubtful. Other times, I get real excited. I feel the push, the pressure and the deadline looming. I found it so hard to type out and work on last month, because anytime I sat down at the computer I felt bad if I wasn;t doing the NaNoWriMo. Ultimately, I didn;t get either project done last month. Don't point your finger and gloat though. I did get a heck of alot of stuff done. I will call NaNoWriMo this year a failure but a fabulous failure, and from the ashes of those 50 pages will come some awesome material.

Right now, I'm getting every thing in my spiral bounds into the computer and that can be frustrating. Things that seemed full fleshed out in pencil can seem thin and wispy when you start typing them our. Alot of charm falls by the way side once the genius is no longer doodled and instead is set in type. No longer a amateur delve into outsider art, now it is just words on paper. You spend so much time trying to flesh out one character that you sudden worry if you have the time and energy to flesh out the other character. Are your female characters real? Interesting? Or are all the women at the reading condescending to you, like your a big baby and reading his drivel female characters is easier than worrying about his suicide attempts if no one will read the work out loud at all...(OK enough melodramatics)

So, where once there was confidence. Now there is doubt. It can be a good thing. Remember it doesn't have to perfect. That's why we are reading it. If it were perfect we wouldn;t need it to be read like this. Deep breaths and keep working.

Not all more postwise until the reading happens. If anyone is interested in coming, it will be Sunday December 9th at 7:00pm at the Uptown Writer's Space on Lawrence and Broadway


downtown guy said...

I didn't pull off nanowrimo this year, either - I wound up having to work on a different project and blah blah blah. Got a good start worth playing with, though.

Paul said...

I will call NaNoWriMo this year a failure but a fabulous failure, and from the ashes of those 50 pages will come some awesome material.

Christ, how I need to harness that attitude.

My new resolution for 2008.