Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lesson - Why Don't You Dance

This is a new thing I'm trying with the blog. I want to acquire more knowledge or at the very least hard felt opinion on various artistic expression since that seems to be what I will be continue to devote an extensive amount of my living wakening life to. To that end, I am cataloging my thoughts, observations, what not about pieces I read, hear, or see that stir thought in me about what I do, about how I conduct myself in the various artistic pursuits I attempt.

Lesson - Raymond Carver's Why Don't You Dance

In this short story Carver introduces an absurd situation, a man has set up and entire bedroom furniture set on his front lawn with extension cords to power the set up. The absurdity of the situation is introduced and never fully explained, the focus of the story is how two young people react to this situation.

The lesson here is that absurd situations don't always have to be justified by the author. In some instances it is enough to introduce the absurdity and allow the audience to witness the characters' reaction to it.

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