Saturday, January 05, 2008

Library & Synchroncity (Devilvet finds a Western)

Sometimes awesomeness (dude) just falls in your lap while you're cruising the canyons of books looking for a new infatuation.

A couple of years ago, Sergio Leone and then Sam Peckinpah invaded my brain. I have not yet recovered from the excellent high they put me on. Not since falling in love with 50s noir, had I been so smitten as I was by these two auteurs. Suddenly I wanted to make a western... A western for the stage.

Rudolph Wurlitzer's Drop Edge of Yonder. The first ten pages of this book totally trapped me. I could read those first 2 chapters over and over again. They have a mythic sheen that fills me with envy. I want to write like this. These sorts of stories are the kind I want to tell! I wasn;t even looking for this book, but it made its way off the new book shelf and into my hands. I did a little research and found that Wurlitzer also had a serious hand in the screenplay for Peckinpah's Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, which is in my humble opinion

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