Monday, January 21, 2008



I am preparing my first production in 3 years. And the thing that I'm least sure of moving forward is how to publicize.

So Posters? How much do they cost. People see them, but have you ever seen a poster for a show you did not already know about and say I got to see that? If yes, why... If yes, how often? The reason I ask is because I wonder if the cost of printing and getting people to put them it worth it? Do people look at posters for theatre and say...I'm going to see that show?


Don Hall said...

A good poster serves as a visual reminder to those folks initially interested but unmotivated to buy a ticket immediately.

They also serve as a visual presence in and on the specific venue you're performing at.

The key is to get them up and not let them sit in a box.

Devilvet said...

Even though I think they remind people of my existence (note the word remind versus make aware)...For my own perosnal experience I never seen a poster and then seen the show. Maybe a couple times back when I was green and thought "cool poster cool show"...but that didn't last long.

If a poster markets the company maybe that would be a good thing...


Paul said...

A poster is there to get the name out. It's advertising, it's publicity. It can help cue people into the nature of your show if your show is not easily describe, especially ephemeral stuff like "mood".

And yes, marketing your company is a Good Thing. A good poster will promote both the show and the company. I know a Steppenwolf or TimeLine poster the second I see it, and it's a nice reminder that while I might not know "Dolly West's Kitchen", it's going up soon from a company that I respect.

But the respect for the company is what's driving it -- the poster is a reminder. That's all it can do.

GreyZelda Land said...

Hey, Bob -

We always go through after we get the design from Sarah Stec.

The image is always catchy ... I thought your images for Breed with Me (I think that was the one - girl in a green dress, very noir, etc) was very catchy.

We also used Streetflyers this year to put 600 enlarged postcards around the city. I'm not sure how much it brough in, but it only cost us $60.00 and no footwork on our end, which was really amazing to me.

But, in answer to your questions ... I look at postcards. I often wait for word of mouth to come out before I make the decision, but if there's a catch design, it definitely sticks out in my brain.


Fremodada said...

DV, I haven't produced my own show in almost 7 years, but I know for a fact if the poster is done right, it will attract audience. My advice is to be stategic - form relationships with businesses that will not only hang up your poster, but will also draw customer attention to it. I found with one production that it helped that I was a customer they knew and were friendly with - while talking with some audience goers one night they all reported they had come after talking to the owner of a coffee shop that I frequented. Otherwise, Don,Paul and GreyZelda hit it dead on - and Don's posters are always eye catching. Good luck!