Friday, January 04, 2008

This Year (a plan to be jettisoned at a future date)

During the first few months of the new year, I will probably be posting a bit differently that I usually do. There will probably be a little less frequency. I need to start beefing up the Mammals Theatre Company's website, Whenever relevant, I will mirror posts and changes to that site here at my home blog.

I will be posting about my experiences as a new network playwright at Chicago Dramatist.

I will post about ideas and images regarding Clay Continent. In the next week or so there will be a pdf version of the most recent working script available here as well as at the Mammals website. Also, lots of photos and tidbits from rehearsal.

This year, unless something really gets my artistic cockles inflamed, I plan to only write about theory on this blog when it relates to the actual work being done by my company, my associates, my friends...I don't plan to get to involved in big theoretical debates about the nature or validity of art and artist that aren't a part of my direct community of collaborators (of course, I didn't plan on it before either).

I plan to be more disciplined about writing everyday, and I hope that will be reflected on this blog (i.e. more prose fiction pieces, poems, text, scripts, etc.) That also includes returning to continue and complete the Seven Snakes prose posts.

I hope to read more and watch TV less. So, there maybe more posts about whatever I am reading on the bus, etc.

I will continue to do the Favorite Thing(s) of The Week (FTTW) posts, and I hope to actually do them more frequently.

So, there it is.

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