Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dystopian Workshop

Starting in the Month of June...The Mammals will be conducting a series of workshops to develop material for a performance based on the notions of dystopia.

We are looking for the following sort of individuals. Writers, Directors, Performance Artists, Self styled DIY innovators, Musicians, Puppeteers...

The goal is to get a group or approximately a dozen artists together to discuss and then create a series of short pieces on the theme of dystopia. Once we accumulated an evenings worth of material, the Mammals will then set out to produce the work as a full event.

Dates of the workshops will be determined once we have a roster of collaborators.

If you are interested in participating please contact Artistic Director Bob Fisher at devilvet@gmail.com

Also, please share this post with any artists you feel would have interest in the project!


downtown guy said...

Now that sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

I usually avoid dystopia like the plague.

Yeah, I'm interested. Can I bring a coffee cake?

Devilvet said...

"Can I bring a coffee cake?"

Does it have rum in it?