Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've been slowing down a bit

Had a nice big post with the challenge to specify targets of change to the theatrical model in less than 250 words. I have been focusing more on the new blog for the Mammals... I have been getting alot of joy of making those images, especially the latest one of Don Hall as Utterson. I also have been reexamining the Mammals' mission statement, how it's goals have changed. I have dedicated a majority of my artistic life to work that embraces genre. Whereas that hasn't changed, I think the reasons behind my artistic choices have. The new mission for the Mammals is...

The Mammals explore performance works embracing themes of history, mythology, and destiny through the genres of science fiction, horror, and phantasmagoria.

I am at the moment of these keystrokes, listening to spring training online (deep satisfied sigh). I love baseball and can't wait to watch some ball.

I get I may be slowing down a bit post wise here. Maybe. I don't know. I guess it depends on how much energy I start dedicating to the Mammals web presence. I have posted about my anxieties about jumping back into the deep end of the production pool. It requires time...who knows what the future holds. But, between Clay Continent, Baseball, Dystopian Workshops, Write Club, Chicago Dramatists, and 40 hours a week for the day job...will I be able to retain whatever diligence to this blog?

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