Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh yeah, how's the show going

So far rehearsals for Clay Continent are going wonderfully. I always have trouble falling asleep after rehearsal because I feel so invigorated by the work we are doing and the possibilities for the production. Whereas this run of Clay Continent opens in April and runs only until May, I do see the possibility of bringing the show back again in the fall or the spring of next year or maybe at the NY or Minnesota Fringe. The cast I have is only committed to April...but I am back to dreaming big. Nothing works so well to get you focused on possibilities than actually being in rehearsal, actually being in production.

It feels great to be a Director again, a Director with a capital D... i.e. to be in production as opposed to somebody who isn't currently doing it.

I worried in the past whether or not the piece could work in a proscenium space versus an environmental one, but so far it seems that it will. We will have the blocking finished on Tuesday and I really looking forward to our first run thru.

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