Monday, February 04, 2008

Red Roses

Mom - These came for you
Daughter - Oh my! How nice! They're from
Mom - That boy from last night
Daughter - That is so nice
Mom - They're red roses
Daughter - Yes...I can see that
Mom - You can see that?!
Daughter - What is wrong with you?
Mom - Why would he send you these?
Daughter - Men give flowers to women all the time?
Mom - Flowers yes. But roses? Red roses?! After a first date?
Daughter - What's wrong with red roses?
Mom - Red Roses are not what a decent noble young man should be giving a young woman so soon in a courtship. If he were to send you something else
Daughter - What else?
Mom - Carnations?! A floral medley? But not roses. And certainly not red.
Daughter - You are not making any sense.
Mom - Don't you know what this means?!
Daughter - It means "thank you for a wonderful evening"
Mom - Ohhhh Ho Ho!
Daughter - (mocking) Ohhh Ho Ho What?
Mom - Aren't you being clever?
Daughter - Why are ruining this?
Mom - Is it possible you don't know?
Daughter - I think it's obvious I don't know is wrong. I don't know what you mean with all this.
Mom - My dear, Red Roses implies something
Daughter - Flowers!!!It implies well wishes, romantic feelings
Mom - Other flowers yes! But these! These!!!
Daughter - Just tell me what is wrong!
Mom - This flower! In this color! It can only mean one think. It expresses gratitude, but a very specific kind of gratitude. The kind of gratitude that no mother wishes her daughter to receive. Not openingly. Not like this, before her wedding night.
Daughter - No
Mom - Yes. Yes!
Daughter - You don't think I
Mom - Why else would he have the impertience to send such a suggestive gift?
Daughter - They are just flowers Mother
Mom - No they are not, they're red roses!
Daughter - Yes! Red roses! But that doesn't mean I did anything with him
Mom - You're saying that you don't deserve these red roses?
Daughter - I'm saying they don;t mean what you say they mean
Mom - The color red signifies the blood of a virgin who has surrendered her "rose" her "bloom"
Daughter - You don't believe me when I tell you that such a thing didn't happen?
Mom - It doesn't matter what I believe. He has sent the roses already. They were delivered to the door. Right on our very own front door! The neighboorhood knows...or thinks they know that you so willingly gave that which should not be given except by a bride to her groom!
Daughter - No! No! That is not how it works her mother! Not in America!

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