Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rehearsals Begin!

Alright! Tonight it starts. Clay Continent goes into rehearsal mode. It is going to be a wonderful thing I believe. All the participants seem excited and the universe is our oyster. There will be posts about the rehearsal process on themammals.blogspot.com and of course more general information about the show will be available at the website chicagomammals.com.

Whereas at this blog, I tend to post about anything and everything with a tilt towards theater in general...themammals.blogspot.com will be focused specifically on the company, it's rehearsals, it's productions, etc.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. OK.
I just checked the mammals blogspot and it's empty.
I guess you pulled one over on me.
"Ha ha-made ya look!"
I'm a trusting fellow and you took advantage of it.
You're a real big man.

Devilvet said...

Patience...It is coming. Give me an hour...

Devilvet said...


did you check chicagomammals.com?