Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Return to the Empty Space

There are photos from our first rehearsal at

How does it feel now? Have I crossed back into the roadway? Was I merely plodding along in the median before between two highways headed in different directions? Am I once again a director in the immediate sense? From once being a sort of retiree who obsessed over previous credits to one's name rather than fully engaging in current projects...focusing on life once lived when more life is swirling about us.

I want this is to the first rehearsal of many. I want one reading to be the catalyst to multiplcity of creative expression, decades of enabled interaction. I want to feel like I did when I was a kid just starting out. I want to stay up late nights with thoughts about how to stage this scene or that one bouncing back and forth like tennis match between my ears.

I want to know the joy of watching talented individuals speaking words you put down on the page. I want to anticipate the response the audience gives when you surprise them.

That rehearsal yesterday not only reminded me that I have done it before and done it well, but that I have it in me to continue to do so and that my dreaming, my goals, my ambitions are still ahead of me. My greatest accomplishments, my highest creative euphoria is still there on the horizon waiting for me to reach out and embrace it!

I am in love with this thing called art, called theatre, called the rehearsal. Yesterday was liken to grabbing hold of a loved one after a long absence. I am 35. I have a lifetime ahead of me, but simultaneously I must acknowledge that I also have no time to waste.

Back to the rehearsal room. Return to the half finished scripts. Return to writing everyday.

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