Wednesday, March 26, 2008

250 words 500 words...and the cookbook for a better theatrical landscape

So, I was surprised and elated at how many people were supportive of the 250 or less word essay regarding change/betterment of our lot as artists, performance companies.

I also suggested that we begin a cookbook for success, filled with concise recipes for how to make a better landscape for American Theatre. This also seemed to get a thumbs up, but at the same not as much follow through. I am definitely paraphrasing and interpreting, but to me it seemed everybody wanted one, but didn't know exactly where to start when it came to formulating one.

So, for those of you who think it is worth attempting, why not refocus a bit. We can embrace the virtue of smallness. How about more specific

1) Recipe for getting the best lighting designer in non-equity theatre
2) Recipe for exciting local media to cover your show
3) Recipe for refining mission statements and value statements
4) Recipe for making your company 501c3
5) Recipe for two or more theatre's to co-produce an evening or run of theatre

So, would someone please send me a recipe. First the ingredients and second the process for preparation.

Or, send me specific recipes you wish would be in the cookbook. Think specific, less like 'how to run a successful audition', and more like 'how to actively sincerely encourage certain folks, genders, minorities to audition'...

Less like 'How do I get money to run my theater' and more like 'recipes for successful and unusual fundraising events'

I'd love a 500 word recipe from Nick about how to get the best lighting designer when money is too tight, what to look for

I'd love a 500 word recipe from Don about how to put together and promote a bowl-o-than fundraiser

or 500 word recipe from Ian or others about how identify what makes your company unique among the array of performance groups in your town

500 recipe from Scott about how to identify another artist prepared for tribal organization

500 word recipe from Nick at RatSass about how to be Johnny Rotten without burning the whole house down

500 word recipe from Tony about how a married couple can afford to produce theatre while raising a toddler

500 word recipes from other folks Slay, Mike Daisey, Clyde Fitch, Slowlearner, anybody...Anybody (echo echo echo)

A single recipe cant change our landscape, but dozen or hundreds of well written succinct recipes might

Hell, I'll even take tongue in cheek recipes if that gets it started

500 words about how to produce theatre that makes people vote (wink to Ian)
500 words about how to confront a critic without burning the bridge

I have created a blog where I hope to compile recipes.

Anyway, that is my special wish for today


Devilvet said...

500 word recipes for finding a pro-bono marketing concern, finding the right space for your show, 500 word recipes for successful webpage deisng for your company, recipes on writing the very best press release for your show, recipes about how to excite local or virtual groups about your company, 500 word recipes about how and when to comp a ticket, recipes about how to share rehearsal or storage space effectively, recipes for greener theatre without feeling like your losing the program, 500 words on how to market dissent theatre, 500 words on how to be good2shoes yet not bore, etc.etc.etc.

Director said...

I gave it a shot. I like the ideas. Good stuff.

Devilvet said...

Director's recipe is at

The form in which he created this is dead on. It is a good start. I think once we get even more specific with the goals of the recipes then we will really be...(finish metaphor)

Thank you, director, and dont within the recipe you've got here, are their even more specific elements that can be challenged to a finer, more specific like hmmm...

Recipe for way of determining whether or not your team members are really behind the project.

Or recipe for way to hold a post mordem meeting on the project...

seriously, thanks so much for making the very first recipe.

(DV looks out towards the blogosphere and says)

DV: more please!