Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I just love this picture. I want to see this in a Julie Taymor production sometime


downtown guy said...

Big ol' gator. We've got plenty of those around here.

Devilvet said...


but did you see the boar in its jaws!!!!

Wow!!!The five year old in me is given my invisible friend high fives over that one!!!

Tony said...

woah! How do you work that image into the dystopian workshop?

Devilvet said...

"woah! How do you work that image into the dystopian workshop?"

Maybe, the Alligator is "Technology" and the Pig is..."People"

cue industrical throbing gothy music

Paul said...

Because in this here dystopian future, there's a-gonna be a lot of people somehow addicted to living in large suburban areas, even as these areas suck them dead, y'know?

And then those people who decide to get up 'n go, well, they have to go somewhere, right? Somewhere where there ain't no technology or somethin'.

But they've lived in the cities for too long. They're afraid of RATS, fer Chrissake.

This is their choice: live in fear in the woods, or live in peace while slowly being sucked dry in large populated areas.

Second thought, forget about that idea. I'm pitchin' it to Stephen King.

There's GOTTA be a way to work Maine into this somehow...