Friday, March 28, 2008

Just a little bit of living

Are you as tired as I am? Whooooa Doggy...

Between work, lingering cough, rehearsal, and all the rest...I could use some sleep.

Got 9 hours last night (finally)...On the health front, I just started taking the diabetes medicine prescribed for me. I wanted to wait until I felt safely on the tail end of the flu...usually pills comes with side effects for me...and this time was no exception. Hopefully they subside. I also got my blood monitor and today will probably be my first time self testing...(Hurray?)

The thing that is keeping a smile on my face is how fortunate I am to have great friends in my life. I get to hang out with some of them tonight at WNEP's bowling fundraiser. One thing I admire about Don Hall is his ability to raise money. There should be a ton of friends there, when they aren't outside smoking.

This weekend is going to be all about getting my sound cues in order for the Mammals' Clay Continent. I am debating the delivery system for the sound though. Dragging a computer back and forth to the performance space just seems like self torture to me...and I am not leaving my laptop anywhere around that space. I could go my usual CD route but dude that actually takes up a ton of space. My solution may be 2 mp3 players...small convenient...and then I'll have an mp3 player for myself after the show. The soundscape can get pretty involved and I like to mix live from one loop to the other so that the actors don't have to worry about timing certain things...rather they can just do what they do on stage and I adapt the mix every night to them. I will probably use my own sound board and risk leaving it someplace hidden at the venue...I like my board...I know my board.

I am so glad I am taking next week off the day job. I am fortunate to have a job with 3 week vacation. so taking 1 week during tech isnt so much. I can start to feel the anxiety though...the tech week anxieties. It has something to do with the knowledge that all the preparation and diligence is essential, but this time next is no longer up to me...i just play with the sound cues and smile and kiss babies on the way out. Fortunately, I have some fo the best most dedicated folks on the boards.

Usually this is the time I would really go nuts and splurg on high fat meals. Not so smart since the diagonsis. However, perhaps since there are no carbs to turn into sugar...I ought to eat lots of red meat this upcoming week. Steak steak steak...maybe?

One thing, once next week resolves, I wont be living in the rehearsal room as much, but I can watch baseball and start reading books again (when I am directing...I find it impossible to read anything longer than a poem or an article).

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