Friday, March 07, 2008


Question: Devilvet, why did you move to NYLACHI not once but twice? The first time out of college, the second time after trying out the Atlanta area for a little over a year...

Answer: Well, you've heard the parable about the frog jumping into boiling water.

It is said that the frog who jumps into boiling water will then sense the heat and jump back out.

And, if the frog jumps into cool or tepid water and the temperature is slowly risen to boiling, the frog will stay in the water and die.

But, what about the frog who is sooo hot than when he jumps into the water, even when it is boiling, the water evaporates. The fluid will not let the frog reside within it?

When then that frog has to move to NYLACHI.


Paul said...

Dude, that frog dies from internal hemorraging. :)

Devilvet said...

should I rim shot that????

Henny Limbo said...

Sure. Why not?