Friday, March 14, 2008

Rehearsal notes and other stuff

Great work this week for the show. Tough week on me though. Tough past couple weeks.

Couple of weeks ago, I went to the emergency room with chest pains. The doctors told me it was nothing, but it sure scared me when it happened. High Blood pressure and heart stuff runs in the family. Grandmother died of congestive heart failure (She was in her late seventies). 3 relatives in the past six months with heart related issues (Stroke, heart stent to prevent heart attack, and heart attack...again all these folks in there late fifties or sixties)...well with that history, I tend to get a bit of anxiety even when I feel the least bit of chest pain.

I was sitting down watching TV when a huge sharp pain hit me square in the chest. I tried to stretch it out but after ten minutes it was still there. I called 911. Went to the hospital. I go tested and they told me there was nothing to indicate heart trouble. Relief, even though I had been lying on a hospital bed in a hall way for the better part of 3 hours till I got a room where it took another 4 hours.

Stress? Maybe. Out of shape? Definitely! Then this past weekend I got hit with the flu. And this wasn't one of those polite miss a day a work and just muscle through it sorts. I have been almost completely laid out for five days. This is my first day back at the office since last Friday. They said they weren't sure how it would work out pay wise because it was too soon in the year to have accumulated 4 sick days. I really don't care. If they told me they would have to dock my pay, I don;t care. It was just that bad. I don't remember ever getting this sick for this long.

I went to see the doctor about the flu, and he really wanted to talk about was that my blood sugar levels over the past six months tell him without a shadow of a doubt, I have type 2 diabetes.

COME ON!!!!! Anyway, they are going to appoint me a nurse/dietitian. I'm going to have to start monitoring my blood sugar levels daily...the whole nine yards. I suppose I should be glad they caught it now. Most folks go years and years without getting diagnosed properly. so maybe I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm 35. If I hadn't found out about this until average screening age of 45, I would have gone 10 years letting it slowly damage my body. However, I have decided not to start treating it until after this flu is gone. I can wait another week I think.

So, in a sudafed induced haze I tried my best to lead rehearsal this week. I think the actors are making some incredible discoveries. Sometimes one of them will forget they are wearing a mic and so project into the mic...but that is just a matter of habit. They are all really learning how to use the mics to expand the palette of expression available to them and that is an exciting process to watch.

We have 18 hours left of rehearsal time before we get into tech week, and they are off book this weekend so I think we'll be fine. There is a saying about how long it takes to learn your lines? if you have 2 days, then it takes 2 days. If you have 2 hours, then you do it in two hours...

However, once those books are put down, I expect a whole new level of physicality to emerge, and it is going to be awesome.

I got our flyers in and they are going to be great. If you want one, just email me at devilvet at gmail com with your address and I'll mail you one!

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Barry Rowell said...

Hey, Bob: so sorry to hear about your health problems but I am glad that you've found out about it now rather than later. Everything I'm reading about CC sounds exciting—wish there was a way for us to come out to Chicago to see it! Looking forward to more posts on the piece.