Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Value of Theater

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Apparently there is some sort of value of theater party going on today...don;t know if I'm invited but I will chime in anyway.

Value of Theater

1. Theater is valuable in that it is real. It is alive in front of you. Every child knows the difference between watching Big Bird on TV and going to see Big Bird on stage. Anyone who says it it's liveness doesn't count as value needs to take their cynicism and disappear. If you are doing something in theater that can be done just as well on TV, you are wasting your time on stage.

2. Theater has the ability to change. TV, film, does not. When it is in the can it is in the can. This ability to change contributes to theater's ephemeral nature, but it also enables its immediate momentary relevance. A relevant moment between a live audience and the actors is more relevant that any moment on TV or film.

3. Theatre forces the imagination to switch on more so TV. Even a big budget production makes more out of brainwaves than a CGI'd screen dream.

4. Theatre is sexier. Watching live bodies and live mouths, live lips moving on stage is sexier. A woman standing in front of you fully clothed is better than an bikini clad tv phantom.

5. Theatre is dangerous. There are no censors beeping out certain thoughts or words.

Theatre is freedom. Theatre is freedom. Theatre is liberty. There is nothing wrong with theatre.

The problem is a diminishing soul attempting to distract itself from its own dwindling ambition. TV is a distraction. Theatre is the thing itself more so than anything else.

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