Monday, April 21, 2008

After the Rain, The Chicken King Comes

Axe - Are you alright?

Little - No brother I'm not. Have you seen the Chicken King?

Axe - The store where they sell the roasters

Little - (shakes head) The Chicken king is real. He is a super chicken. He has evolved, he has ten fingers and ten toes and a razor talon on each appendage

Axe - I think you need a vacation.

Little - He has a sleigh

Axe - Like santa claus

Little - A sled

Axe - A sled is for snow. Their no snow on the ground

Little - I know there is no show on thr groung. I know that!

Axe - How is he working eveything out with a sleigh if theirs no snow on the ground

Little - I'm telling you what I saw.

Axe - Alright

Little - I'm telling you why I'm not alright

Axe - Does he have reindeer for his sleigh

Little - It's pulled by 2 dozen kids

Axe - Kids? Like baby goats

Little - Children

Axe - Children?

Little - It appears they are working for him. He pays them in sugary snacks.

Axe - What are you going to do?

Little - We wired for assistance, asked the government to send in the seals. The only response we got was a half finished telegraph trying to explain why helicopters dont work anymore in our airspace and how we'd have to do in the Chicken King ourselves.

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