Saturday, April 05, 2008

And...We're Back

So, Another opening of another show... and I am so glad to have it open.

I think the actors did a awesome job. The audience laughed alot and cringed alot and seemed to have a great time. Almost everybody stuck around and talked up me and the actors even as we were washing off all the stage blood.

So after 3 years, it is official...the Mammals are officially back. I said that during the curtain speech last night. I didn't get choked up, but I did manage to throw myself and hem and haw like an idiot for a couple seconds afterwards...while the audience sort gave me a little (...he's pleasant but he is stuttering now..) look.

It was so great to have an audience there reacting to all the creepy goodness.
Hearing there reactions when the knifes and the blood start coming out is just so cool.

Of course I'm prejudice but if you have the time, you should definitely come out and see one weekend in April.

All shows start at 8pm on the following dates

Friday April 4th & Sat April 5th
Friday April 11th & Sat April 12th
Friday April 18th & Sat April 19th
Friday April 25th & Sat April 26th

at the Peter Jones Gallery
1806 West Cuyler, 2nd Floor,
Chicago IL 60613

to reserve tickets call
1 866-593-4614

This morning I got out early on a weekend (earlier for me that is on a Saturday) around 9am and headed to the theater to clean up the floor. There were remains of red food coloring on the floor (that's all I'll say). Little bit of bleach though and that stuff can off so fast. I have never felt so good mopping a floor.


Barry Rowell said...

Congratulations, Bob! I'll have to make sure our Chicago friends make the trek to see you. I hope you have a great run.

Anonymous said...

Some mutual friends of ours came out to my gig at Phyliss' straight from Clay Continent last Friday night.
"Lots of blood" they said. "The hallmark of a Bob Fisher production" I sez back.
Looking forward to seeing it Brother.